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A forever-in-love couple, a beautiful fall day, and a timeless Old South wedding… sounds like the perfect day ever, right? Emily and Logan’s wedding day at Pebble Hill Plantation was absolutely STUNNING and such a sweet day. So let’s get into it, shall we?


Located in Thomasville, GA near the Tallahassee area, Pebble Hill Plantation is an incredible venue. Full of breathtaking barns, antique buildings and beautiful gardens, it’s the perfect place for a wedding. The plantation has a strong “Old South” vibe and is full of different locations for all kinds of celebrating. One of my favorite spots was the big white-washed antique building where I captured some incredible moments with Emily and Logan!

Having been around since the 1800s, Pebble Hill Plantation is a perfect combination of cozy nature and timeless history. With all of its character, it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for your special day!


To get ready for her special day, Emily’s mom helped her with every final touch to make sure she looked and felt like a princess. With flowers in her hair and her stunning dress, Emily surprised her bridesmaids with her final look! Shortly after, she did a first look with her dad (one of my favorite things), which had the entire room in tears, of course.

Logan, on the other hand, got ready with his best man to make sure he was geared up for the big day. From start to finish, it was so obvious how much Logan and Emily’s friends love them and were thrilled to be a part of their celebration!


Emily and Logan decided they wanted to wait to see each other for the first time on their wedding day in the ceremony… so they opted for a first touch! This was such an intimate, sweet moment for the two of them as they met on the corner of a building at Pebble Hill where they held hands and prayed over each other. Logan definitely wiped a few tears and it was such a privilege to capture this time between the couple!


The ceremony was held in front of The Main House at Pebble Hill Plantation in front of all Emily and Logan’s family and friends. Looking like a princess, Emily made a stunning entrance and Logan’s reaction was very teary-eyed! With a cross covered in flowers as the focal point of the ceremony, the couple said “I do” and became Mr. + Mrs. Nelson!!


I’ve known Emily and Logan since high school and wow, they’ve been in love for YEARS! This was such a special day for me to be a part of and I’m so thankful I could capture it.

Emily is so welcoming and sweet-natured, while Logan is kind and loves her so well. They had such a good time taking photos after the ceremony and they turned out beautiful! Even though Emily lost a shoe during one of the photos, they were such troopers and made the absolute most of their wedding day!


The Nelson bridal party was SO. MUCH. FUN! Full of energy and excitement, they had such a good time all day and it was a blast taking their photos! The navy blues and burgundy tones of their outfits were a perfect fit for the fall day and looked amazing on camera under the sun. Oh and check out those flowers… stunning!!!


In the middle of the plantation’s stables during golden hour, the party got started! All of the seating areas were in between stables and were beautifully decorated with various flowers and greenery.

After entering the reception, Logan and Emily shared their first sweet dance as husband and wife and then danced with their parents!

The night continued with precious words to the couple from Emily’s dad and a prayer over their marriage from Logan’s dad. From there, they cut the cake and the dancing began! This entire reception was so much fun and I even joined in on the fun as we screamed “Mr. Brightside” and celebrated the newlyweds. Their DJ, Nate from Amplify Entertainment, was INCREDIBLE and I highly recommend them if you’re based in the Tallahassee area!!

For their sendoff, Emily and Logan chose a bubble sendoff, one of my favorites! These sendoffs look beautiful on camera and are a perfect mess-free option to end your special day. The couple left the evening in Logan’s truck and it was such a picture-perfect ending to an amazing day!

pebble hill plantation send off

What a day!!! This was such a special wedding to be a part of and I’m so grateful. It was such a full-circle moment to watch Emily and Logan get married and capture their forever day.

If you’re a future bride planning your wedding, I would LOVE to talk with you about your vision! Capturing moments and memories that last forever is something I’m passionate about… nothing brings me more joy! Be sure to reach out and see if Wonderstruck Media Co. is right for your wedding day. Talk so soon!!


Venue: Pebble Hill Plantation

Photography: Wonderstruck Media Co

Dress: Vocelles Bridal

Hair: Beauty + Grace Tally

Florals: A Country Rose Floral

DJ: Nate from Amplify Entertainment

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