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Sooooo you’re engaged!! This is SUCH an exciting time. I’m sure you’re well on your way to planning the wedding day of your dreams, but I know firsthand how overwhelming wedding can be, I mean for most people this is your first time stepping into the world of weddings and you may have no idea where to start. Early on in the planning process, once you have a date (and typically a venue as well) it is time to take engagement photos and send out save the dates to your guest list!

If you have never has professional photos taken before and are feeling a little nervous, don’t stress!! Seriously, feeling awkward in front of the camera is one of the most human things to experience. I’m here to give all my tips from by 4 years being a photographer to help you make the most of it and feel amazing while doing it!! LESSSGO.


Choose a location that represents you two or something you like to do together. Create a mood board of the vibe/style you are going for in your shoot, the more you plan the less stressed you will be about the final outcome. Sometimes being spur of the moment is great, but I always like showing up to locations with an overall plan. 


Be sure you are wearing outfits that compliment you and your environment, and that it is something you feel comfortable and confident in, and is well fitting. If you are constantly pulling your sleeve back up onto your shoulder or worried your dress is revealing too much cleavage, you won’t feel as comfortable in front of the camera, and have a higher chance of not liking the final photos. 


What’s more comforting than hearing your favorite song?! I always love to play music softly in the background during photo sessions! Just let me know what type of music is your favorite and you better believe I will put it on! It really helps ease the stress and any awkward silence while posing. You can pretend you’re in a romantic movie sequence!


Hey, just keeping it real! While I do NOT encourage drinking to cope with life’s issues, if you or your babe are majorly stressing, having a drink before the session may help ease your nerves and loosen up. This can go the wrong way though so be SUPER careful with how much you drink. (Coming from a gal who has wrangled many drunken wedding parties on a wedding day 😉 

focus on each other 

I know, easier said than done when there is a camera in your face, but really and truly this is a time for you and your fiancé to have fun together like you’re on a date, and that is what always makes the best photos. Take a deep breath, and don’t forget it’s okay to laugh!

I hope this was super helpful for you and that you are feeling a lot more prepared and confident for your photos! If you’re still looking for a Charlotte Engagement Photographer, reach out and let’s chat! All my couple also receive an engagement photos guide which includes even more resources and tips for planning a beautiful engagement session.

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